Waiting for the right time to exercise?

Waiting for the right time to exercise?

Do what you can, when you can

Remember, some exercise is better than no exercise at all.

No more waiting till you are ready to sign up in a gym or buy that gorgeous outfit before you start your workout. Try any one active thing today.

-Like waking up 30mins earlier. Head out for a 20mins jog. Come back and rest for 10mins and then go back to your normal routine to shower and prepare for work.

-Taking short brisk walk after dinner to walk your dog.

-Take the stairs instead of the lift.

-Take the extra mile to walk over to your colleague’s desk to pass them their print out from the copier machine, when you are taking yours.

Can you see how easily it is? Take a small extra effort. Make it a prolong habit and you can definitely see some changes revolving.

Ps. Research has proven that doing even a 20mins workout before work can keep your mind activated and staying alert that usual day of no workout before work.

Those who stop waiting till the perfect time are those who reaches their goals first. So, are you still waiting? Go for it!

Home Remedies for Allergies

Home Remedies for Allergies

Having allergies accompanies a lot of symptoms such as a runny or stopped up nose, coughing or wheezing, headaches, irritations in ears, and sneezing. All of these symptoms can be very irritating and can also make you feel very awful and unbalanced at times. You can however use natural home remedies to cure symptoms of allergies and can quickly clear up an annoying allergy episode. Here are a few of the most common and popular home remedies used to help with allergy flare ups.

Nettle Leaf – can help alleviate a lot of your most common symptoms due to allergy flare ups. This is an old home remedy that has been used for many years and has also been tested and proven to help relieve and treat the symptoms due to allergies. It particularly helps in signs and symptoms like sneezing, irritated or watery eyes, and sneezing. Nettle leaf can most commonly be found in your local pharmacy or nutritional store in a tablet form. Simply follow the directions on the back of the medication bottle and you will noticeably see your symptoms decrease and your allergies put to a halt. However, keep in mind that if you have high blood pressure this particular home remedy should not be used because it can higher the levels of blood pressure in individuals that suffer with that particular condition.

Garlic – is also another home remedy that you can use to significantly eliminate allergy flare ups and symptoms. Garlic is a very well-known and commonly used spice that you can find at your local pharmacy as well as your local nutritional store. Garlic is very widely used for many different health problems and illnesses and has been used for ages by many different countries and regions. Garlic can dramatically help with symptoms of allergies such as hay fever, sinus congestion, and coughing also. By taking at least 2-3 tablets of garlic per day you will find that your symptoms due to allergies will quickly be resolved. You can also consume garlic in raw form or in soup form also. Incorporating a few tablespoons of raw garlic in your meal plan will also help treat most allergy symptoms.

Marshmallows – can also aid in the treatment of your allergy symptoms. Marshmallows are very widely used for a lot of therapeutic materials and have been used for many hundreds of years in the treatment of cold symptoms. Consuming marshmallows can significantly reduce your symptoms of a sore throat, can alleviate an excess of mucus out of your body, and can also help in the treatment of sinus congestion. Consume 4-5 marshmallows throughout the day until your symptoms subside. This home remedy will take little to no time at all for you to see the effects.

Turmeric – is also a great home remedy ingredient that you will want to try to help with your most common allergy symptoms. Turmeric comes to us originally from the ginger family and normally has properties used for a coloring agent in many different foods. Turmeric like marshmallows is also a therapeutic home remedy used as an inflammatory. Turmeric clears particular symptoms associated with allergies such as clearing your airway, assisting with the occurrence of coughing, and also helps with your breathing patterns. Using a couple of tablespoons of turmeric in your meal plan might be just the ticket to alleviating your allergy symptoms quickly and effectively.

Home Remedies vs. Prescription Medications

Home Remedies vs. Prescription Medications

Natural home remedies have been used for hundreds of thousands of years by many different countries and cultures alike. The development of science and technology has since come around and we are now able to not only know what active ingredients are in natural home remedies but they can also learn what minor to little side effects might be associated with the home remedy. Natural home remedies whether they are herbal or supplemental have been found to be very beneficial to keeping your body healthy and have also been shown work quickly and effectively.

Prescription medication has also been around for quite some time now and also aid in eliminating symptoms both quickly and effectively. However, many of the prescription drugs used today for your most common illnesses or health conditions are packed full of some pretty nasty side effects, which accompanies more prescription medication to cover those side effects. Prescription medications do however hold a property to alleviate particular symptoms associated with an illness or health condition and work rather quickly.

Both natural home remedies and prescription medications can produce excellent results. They can also both be very dangerous if they are not followed by their specific guidelines. These guidelines can involve both lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, etc. Keep in mind that making sure that you follow the exact guidelines when taking prescription medications or natural home remedies is very critical in the treatment of your illness or health condition.

There are however pro’s and con’s to both natural home remedies and prescription medications. Examine both aspects and find out what method works best for you.

Natural Home Remedies


-       Very convenient, no more refills or renewal prescriptions needed.

-       Very cost effective

-       Safer to use with little to no side effects

-       Heals the body more naturally and produces healthy attributes

-       Effectiveness – Some find natural home remedies more effective than your leading prescription medications.


-       Has more of a potential to overdose or have a drug interference

-       Can also negatively impact underlying other health conditions

-       The perception that natural home remedies don’t work as well as prescription medications

-       Has potential to take longer to see results

-       Can have an inconsistency in the dosing or strength

Prescription Medications


-       Can easily be acquired from a licensed physician

-       Can potentially be the answer to life threatening illnesses or conditions such as heart attack or high blood pressure

-       Can cure short term effects such as illnesses very quickly

-       Can easily be monitored and adjusted properly by a licensed physician

-       Can alleviate certain symptoms of illnesses as well as symptoms of health conditions fairly quickly creating dynamic results.


-       Addiction is a big con when it comes to prescription medication.

-       Major side effects that can sometimes even be fatal

-       Your body can become immune to certain prescription antibiotics and alleviates the effectiveness

-       Can also cause other infections to flare up and can cause more symptoms or a new illness to occur


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